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Portfolio optimization is an important research field in modern finance. The most important characteristic within this optimization problem is the risk of the returns. In this paper, a non-linear stochastic optimization algorithm named Stochastic Portfolio Genetic Algorithm (SPGA) is proposed to determine a profitable portfolio selection planning plan(More)
The role of catalysis in prebiotic synthesis is illustrated using the montmorillonite clay catalyzed synthesis of RNA oligomers. Reaction of activated monomers of nucleotides in pH 8 aqueous solution containing Mg2þ in the presence of montmorillonite yields 6–14 mers. The reaction takes place at the clay interlayer. The catalyst controls the synthesis of(More)
Breast cancer is one of leading causes of death. This study predicts 5-year survivability of breast cancer patients by two data mining techniques. The data set consisted of information about patients who have cancer diagnosis collected by SEER. In this study, data set is pre-classified into survival and non-survival with 90.66% and 9.34%, respectively. The(More)
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