K J Taylor-McCabe

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Numerous bird species are highly susceptible to North American strains of West Nile virus (WNV), and although domestic chickens are relatively resistant to WNV-associated disease, this species currently represents the most practical avian model for immune responses to WNV infection. Knowledge of the immunomodulation of susceptibility to WNV in birds is(More)
BACKGROUND Bradykinin is a potent cardioprotective hormone, the beneficial role of which in vivo appears to be limited by its rapid metabolism. Inhibitors of peptidases that degrade endogenously formed bradykinin are themselves cardioprotective, presumably by increasing local bradykinin concentrations. As bradykinin-degrading peptidases are potential(More)
Quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) were developed for nucleoside analogs with anti-HIV activity. These compounds were investigated to determine the correlation of structure and toxicity/activity using molecular similarity analysis and structure-activity maps. A multiple-formula approach was used to perform quantitative molecular similarity(More)
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