K J Tønder

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This article deals with blood flow and tissue pressure changes in the inflamed dental pulp. While detailed patho-physiological studies of the circulation in the inflamed pulp are still partly lacking, available data from studies of the normal pulp tissue are also discussed. Knowledge of the normal physiological adjustments may indicate which circulatory(More)
Pressure in selected microvessels was measured directly on the exposed coronal or apical pulp in one of the upper canine teeth or on the gingiva in a total of 36 cats. The vessels were punctured with glass micropipettes, diameter 1-4 micrometer, and the pressure measured with a modified Wiederhielm servocontrolled counter-pressure technique. Pressures in(More)
The present summary is a review and a discussion of the following papers (I-V), submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor Odontologiae at the University of Bergen. I. Blood flow in the dental pulp in dogs measured by local H2 gas desaturation technique. Arch. Oral Biol. 1975, 20, 73-79. Co-author: K. Aukland II. The(More)
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