K J Psarros

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Two hundred and fifty-five psychiatric inpatients with a definite diagnosis of DSM-IV schizophrenic disorder were examined by means of the Structured Clinical Interview and rated on the 30 main items of the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS). Patients' scores were subjected to a cluster analysis, using Ward's method. Cluster analysis indicated the(More)
Aim of the study was to examine the consistency of the five-factor model of schizophrenic symptoms, assess its validity and evaluate its dimensional factor structure using confirmatory factor (CFA) analysis. A sample of 258 randomly assigned DSM-III R patients with schizophrenic disorders were studied by means of the structured clinical interview for the(More)
Masticatory forces associated with porcelain and acrylic resin occlusal surfaces on osseointegrated implant-supported prostheses opposing natural teeth were studied in five healthy subjects. A three-channel electronic force transducer carrying a fixed prosthesis with either acrylic resin or porcelain occlusal surfaces and balanced articulation was used to(More)
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