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In warehouse storage applications, it is important to classify the burning behavior of commodities and rank them according to material flammability for early fire detection and suppression operations. In this study, the large-scale effects of warehouse fires are decoupled into separate processes of heat and mass transfer. As a first step, two nondimensional(More)
It consider the problem of computing efficient strategies for Searching. As a generalization of the classical binary search for ordered array, suppose one wishes to find a specific element in an ordered array by making comparisons, where each comparison indicates the endpoint closer to the desired element. Given the likelihood of each element being the one(More)
Fire models are routinely used to evaluate life safety aspects of building design projects and are being used more often in fire and arson investigations as well as reconstructions of firefighter line-of-duty deaths and injuries. A fire within a compartment effectively leaves behind a record of fire activity and history (i.e., fire signatures). Fire and(More)
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