K J Mcdonald

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BACKGROUND Airway hyperresponsiveness (AWHR), expressed as hypersensitivity (PC75 RL ) or hyperreactivity (slope of the histamine dose-response curve), is a feature of inflammatory airway disease (IAD) or mild equine asthma in horses. Glucocorticoids are used empirically to treat IAD. OBJECTIVES To determine whether dexamethasone (DEX) (0.05 mg/kg IM(More)
Circulating endothelial cells (CECs) are a marker of endothelial injury and endothelial dysfunction. We measured CECs in 95 patients with functioning renal transplants at risk of premature cardiovascular (CV) disease and in normal control subjects. We were unable to demonstrate consistent relationships between CEC levels and conventional CV risk factors in(More)
The therapeutic response to propranolol was evaluated in patients with documented coronary artery disease at doses varying from 40 to 320 mg/day. Therapeutic response was quantified by evaluating exercise performance on a treadmill and then related to plasma propranolol concentration. Plasma propranolol was defined in terms of beta-adrenergic blockade by(More)
BACKGROUND The present study examines the injury status in women runners who are randomised to receive a neutral, stability or motion control running shoe. METHODS 81 female runners were categorised into three different foot posture types (39 neutral, 30 pronated, 12 highly pronated) and randomly assigned a neutral, stability or motion control running(More)
Plantar fasciitis is a common injury to the plantar aponeurosis, manifesting as pain surrounding its proximal insertion at the medial calcaneal tubercle. Pain is typically worse in the morning when getting out of bed, and may subside after the tissue is sufficiently warmed up. For running-based athletes and individuals who spend prolonged periods of time on(More)
BACKGROUND Comprehensive endoscopic scoring of the upper and lower airways for inflammation has not been critically assessed among a large population of horses. The relationship between upper and lower airways described in humans by the "one airway, one disease" concept might also apply to horses. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES To evaluate if an association exists(More)
REFERENCES 1. Wasan SK , Baker SE , Skolnik PR et al. A practical guide to vaccinating the infl ammatory bowel disease patient . Am J Gastroenterol 2010 ; 105 : 1231 – 38 . 2. Wyant T , Leach T , Sankoh S et al. Vedolizumab aff ects antibody responses to immunisation selectively in the gastrointestinal tract: randomised controlled trial results . Gut 2015 ;(More)
DCI Laboratory, Nashville TN compared INCSTAR N-tact PTH SP Kit (INCSTAR Corp., Stillwater, MN, USA) results from renal dialysis patients analyzed on frozen versus unfrozen samples; unfrozen samples were analyzed at 24, 48, and 72 hours post-collection. There was no statistical or clinical difference in the results of the frozen samples and unfrozen samples(More)
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