K . J . Lee

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the factors that influence the outcome of bronchial arterial embolisation (BAE) in chronic tuberculosis (TB). In cases of chronic TB, non-bronchial systemic arteries (NBSA) provide a significant source of massive or recurrent haemoptysis. DESIGN Medical records and radiological findings of 30 consecutive TB patients who underwent BAE(More)
ZNF313 encoding a zinc-binding protein is located at chromosome 20q13.13, which exhibits a frequent genomic amplification in multiple human cancers. However, the biological function of ZNF313 remains largely undefined. Here we report that ZNF313 is an ubiquitin E3 ligase that has a critical role in the regulation of cell cycle progression, differentiation(More)
The main idea and procedure are presented for a new synthetical method on constraining 3-D structure of emission regions of pulsars. With this method the emission regions can be synthetically constrained by fitting multi-wavelength observations features, e.g. pulse widths, phase offsets between radio pulse profiles and high energy light curves, and radio(More)
Many models for the pulsar radio and γ-ray emissions have been developed. The tests for these models using observational data are very important. Tests for the pulsar radio emission models using frequencyaltitude relation are presented in this paper. In the radio band, the mean pulse profiles evolve with observing frequencies. There are various styles of(More)
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