K. J. Harrison

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We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence and the uniqueness of rank-one completions of a partial matrix, and we verify a conjecture of Hadwin and Larson concerning the nature of completely rank-nonincreasing linear functionals defined on pattern subspaces. 1. Matrix completion problems Let P be a pattern, that is, a subset of m ×(More)
Tetrahydrofolate (THF) and its one-carbon derivatives, collectively termed folates, are essential cofactors, but are inherently unstable. While it is clear that chemical oxidation can cleave folates or damage their pterin precursors, very little is known about enzymatic damage to these molecules or about whether the folate biosynthesis pathway responds(More)
Gene duplication followed by mutation is a classic mechanism of neofunctionalization, producing gene families with functional diversity. In some cases, a single point mutation is sufficient to change the substrate specificity and/or the chemistry performed by an enzyme, making it difficult to accurately separate enzymes with identical functions from(More)
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