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In this paper, we summarize progress in free space laser propagation research at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, specifically in the context of propagating and detecting signals through the atmosphere in a maritime environment. Transmission through the atmosphere over large bodies of water presents different challenges than transmission through the(More)
The use of high repetition rate, low timing jitter SC laser pulse trains there might facilitate the fabrication of integrated optical analog to digital converters operating with high bandwidths at high speed. The error diffusion oversampling architecture has been suggested for use in an analog to digital conversion scheme using self electro optic effect(More)
An optical implementation of an oversampled analog-todigital converter has been proposed by Shoop and Goodman [ 11, which comprises two subtraction nodes and a combined signal comparator and output quantiser. This paper discusses the limitations on system resolution due to non-idealities in the circuit components. The subtracter's layout is discussed and a(More)
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