K J Falke

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Arterial blood nitrogen tensions of free-diving Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddelli) were measured by attaching a microprocessor-controlled blood pump and drawing samples at depth to determine how these marine mammals dive to great depths and ascend rapidly without developing decompression sickness. Forty-seven samples of arterial blood were obtained from(More)
UNLABELLED Weddell seals undergo lung collapse during dives below 50 m depth. In order to explore the physiological mechanisms contributing to restoring lung volume and gas exchange after surfacing, we studied ventilatory parameters in three Weddell seals between dives from an isolated ice hole on McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. METHODS Lung volumes and CO(2)(More)
Exogenous nitric oxide (NO) reduces pulmonary vascular resistance after low-dose inhalation in patients. To estimate endogenous NO synthesis in the upper respiratory tract, we measured inhaled and exhaled NO in volunteers and patients during spontaneous or controlled ventilation, respectively. 20.3 nmol per min NO was synthesised in the nasopharynx of(More)
In a prospective study, 10 patients (ASA II-IV) with different ailments received varying amounts of an alfentanil/midazolam mixture (consisting of 15 mg of alfentanil and 37.5 mg of midazolam) for analgesia and sedation in a typical ICU setting over a period of 3-14 days. Special interest focussed on potential residual activity of both drugs after(More)