K.J.C. Kumara

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A dictionary based automatic syllabification tool has been given for Speech Synthesis in Sinhala language. This tool is also capable of providing frequency distributions of Vowels, Consonants and Syllables for a given set of Sinhala text. A method of determining syllable boundaries has also been shown. Detection of Syllable boundaries for a given Sinhala(More)
In the emerging field of ITS (intelligent transportation systems), "ITS for the sea" refers to the area of maritime traffic. Automated vehicle control systems are a key technology for ITS. This paper presents a model-based neural network adaptive controller for combined surge (longitudinal) and sway (lateral) control of fully automated surface vessels(More)
Automated surface vessels (ASVs) are used in intelligent transportation systems, autonomous oceanographic research, and cargo handling in harbors. Combined surge, sway, and yaw control of surface vessels still remains as an open problem. In this paper, the problem of control with guaranteed sway and yaw stability for automated surface vessel operation is(More)
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