K J Bradshaw

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The separation of [cL-(l-naphthyl)ethyl]amnionium perchlorate (NapEt) into its (R) and (S) forms using silica gel-bound dimethylpyridino-18-crown-6 ligand [(SS)-1] with methanol as an eluent is reported. We also report the synthesis of a aw silica gel-bound diphenyl-substituted pyridino-18-crown-6 ligand [(RR)-21 by the following reactions. Dimethyl(More)
<lb>In this paper we present a new active vision technique called zoom tracking. Zoom tracking<lb>is the continuous adjustment of a camera’s focal length, to keep a constant-sized image of an<lb>object moving along the camera’s optical axis. Two methods for performing zoom tracking<lb>are presented: a closed-loop visual feedback algorithm based on optical(More)
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