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The clinical feasibility of the ICD-10 criteria for subtypes of vascular dementia were examined in an investigation of 61 demented patients (74.4, SD 8.2 years) showing CT appearances of vascular lesions. Only 15 cases (24.6%) fulfilled the ICD-10 criteria of vascular dementia. Of these cases, 66.6% could adequately be classified in subtypes. The most(More)
Five patients (aged 19-52 years) were treated for a midbrain syndrome due to acute carbon monoxide poisoning and had clinical follow-up investigations for up to 18 months. Three patients recovered with minor neurological and neuro-psychological deficits and resumed their premorbid life-style. One patient had normal findings, while the fifth remained in a(More)
We present three cases of GC, one belonging to the brainstem, and two belonging to the hemisphere type. Two cases were investigated by MRI. Tumour infiltration, while yielding only vague CT findings, was well demonstrated in MR studies where extensive hyperintense lesions were found in T2- and proton density images. In patients studied by MR these were(More)
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