K. Ito

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—In high level synthesis a data-flow graph (DFG) description of an algorithm is mapped onto a register transfer level description of an architecture. Each node of the DFG is scheduled to a specific time and allocated to a processor. In this paper we present new integer linear programming (ILP) models which generate a blocked schedule for a DFG with(More)
Application of Ca2+ (0.1-2.5 mM) to guinea pig aortas incubated in Ca(2+)-free isotonic KCl solution induced a contraction (Ca contraction), a part of which depended on preloading the intracellular stores with Ca2+ and which was sensitive to 3 x 10(-5) M ryanodine. Because 45Ca2+ influx from the external fluid upon the addition of Ca2+ was not modified(More)
One way that aerobic biological systems counteract the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is with superoxide dismutase proteins SOD1 and SOD2 that metabolize superoxide radicals to molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide or scavenge oxygen radicals produced by the extensive oxidation-reduction and electron-transport reactions that occur in(More)
Project-based learning (PBL) is effective for developing human resources of young students. The design of welfare equipment, such as wheelchairs and gait assistive devices, is taken as the subject in this study because these devices must be fit to their environment, users, and method of use; students must consider the circumstances of each country(More)