K. Ito

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—In high level synthesis a data-flow graph (DFG) description of an algorithm is mapped onto a register transfer level description of an architecture. Each node of the DFG is scheduled to a specific time and allocated to a processor. In this paper we present new integer linear programming (ILP) models which generate a blocked schedule for a DFG with(More)
UNLABELLED Using in vivo microcomputed tomography (micro-CT), we found in parathyroid hormone (PTH)-treated osteopenic rats linear increases in cortical and trabecular, due to increased trabecular thickness and number, bone mass. Bone was formed in cavities, leading to restoral of nearly cleaved trabeculae. For the first time, effects in PTH-treated rats(More)
Manganese (Mn) intoxication is known to induce parkinsonism. Mn-induced parkinsonism preferentially affect the globus pallidus in contrast to idiopathic parkinsonism where degeneration predominantly involves the nigral pars compacta. We describe a 51-year-old man who had been occupationally exposed to Mn. He had parkinsonian features including masked face,(More)
A stockperson has a significant influence on the productivity and welfare of his animals depending on his stockmanship competence. In this study, stockmanship competence (SC) is defined as the capacity of the stockperson to ensure the welfare of his animals by providing his animals' needs. The study was conducted to evaluate the SC of backyard goat raisers(More)
The dental follicle is an ectomesenchymal tissue that surrounds developing tooth germ and that contains osteoblastic-lineage-committed stem/progenitor cells. We examined the osteogenic potential of human dental follicle cells (hDFC) by microarray analysis. We first compared the characteristics of hDFC with those of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells(More)
Wasp sting is a relatively common arthropod assault, but is sometimes fatal because of anaphylaxis. Rhabdomyolysis is a serious condition, with destruction of striated muscles, and can be induced by various causes such as drugs, heart attacks, CRASH syndrome, and viper bites. Mass envenomation by multiple wasp stings can also cause rhabdomyolysis followed(More)
Unrestrained growth of various malignant tumours has been shown to depend upon a critical number of tumour cells which have switched to the angiogenic phenotype. Angiogenic phenotypes were noted in the early stage of prostatic carcinoma (PCa). We investigated 65 cases of latent PCa to define the correlation between tumour angiogenesis and tumour volume.(More)