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Pain syndromes caused by traumatic preganglionic avulsion of roots forming the brachial plexus are among the most severe forms which do not respond to nonoperative treatment. According to the data in the literature and our experience, operation for destruction of the posterior root entry zones is the most substantiated and effective method for the(More)
The results of examination (96) and microsurgical operations in 39 patients with syringomyelia are discussed. The average age and duration of the disease before the operation were, respectively, 36 and 11 years. Radiological and electrophysiological methods were used in establishing the diagnosis. Operative treatment included restoration of c.s.f.(More)
Modified poly(I) . poly(C) induces appreciable amounts of interferon in Macaca rhesus monkeys not only after intravenous but also after intramuscular, endolumbar, and subconjunctival inoculations. The time course and intensity of interferon production after various routes of the induced inoculation were similar. Maximum interferon production was found at(More)
Macro-microscopic tomography of the sagittal fissure of the brain has been studied on 10 dead bodies, morphometric studies were performed in 10 healthy subjects (40 NMR-tomograms and 40 cerebral angiograms). The findings made it possible to divide the fissure into three zones and single out basic anatomical structures in each zone. Morphological and(More)
The paper deals with the specific features of brain injury (BI) in victims of road traffic accidents (RTA). RTA victims are most commonly pedestrians (62.6%) and less commonly drivers (17.5%). In over half the cases (62.6%), BI due to RTA is associated with extracranial lesions, leading to diagnostic problems. The pattern and site of lesions are related to(More)