K. I. Nordstrom

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This paper presents a technique to transform high-effort voices into breathy voices using adaptive pre-emphasis linear prediction (APLP). The primary benefit of this technique is that it estimates a spectral emphasis filter that can be used to manipulate the perceived vocal effort. The other benefit of APLP is that it estimates a formant filter that is more(More)
It is generally thought that breathiness can be added to voices by modifying the glottal source within a source-filter model. However , this does not work well when the original voice is very different from the desired breathy voice. In this experiment, a voice conversion algorithm is used to investigate the relationship between the glottal source and the(More)
A method of measuring the discomfort transmission of full-suspension mountain bikes is presented. This method reduces the effect of trail inconsistencies by normalizing the ride comfort measurement at the rider interface against the roughness of the trail input measured at the wheels. Discomfort transmission is here defined as a single-number ratio of the(More)
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