K. I. Kou

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Prolate spheroidal wave functions (PSWFs) possess many remarkable properties. They are orthogonal basis of both square integrable space of finite interval and the Paley-Wiener space of bandlimited functions on the real line. No other system of classical orthogonal functions is known to obey this unique property. This raises the question of whether they(More)
Monogenic orthogonal polynomials over 3D prolate spheroids were previously introduced and shown to have some remarkable properties. In particular , the underlying functions take values in the quaternions (identified with R 4), and are generally assumed to be nullsolutions of the well known Moisil-Théodoresco system. In this paper, we show that these(More)
Adrenergic transmissions were investigated by recording electrical and mechanical responses of the smooth muscle cells in the rabbit ear artery. Perivascular nerve stimulation generated an excitatory junction potential (e.j.p.) and a slow depolarization. The latter but not the former was suppressed by prazosin or phentolamine. Both the e.j.p. and slow(More)
The effects of denervation on the electrical membrane properties of fish red muscle were investigated. Forty to fifty hours after denervation, miniature endplate potentials disappeared abruptly and field stimulation of the nerve within the muscle failed to evoke endplate potentials, indicating that transmission failure occurred at this time. The membrane(More)
1 The effects of K-351 on the electrical and mechanical responses were investigated in the canine mesenteric artery by isometric tension recording and the use of intracellular microelectrodes. The results were compared to the responses observed with other alpha-adrenoceptor blocking agents. 2 K-351 (greater than 3 X 10(-7)M) consistently inhibited the(More)
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