K. I. Jabbarova

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R. A. Aliev,1,∗ A. V. Alizadeh,2,3,† O. H. Huseynov,4,‡ K. I. Jabbarova4,‡ 1Joint MBA Program, USA Azerbaijan, AZ1010, Baku, Azerbaijan 2Department of Mathematics and Informatics of Azerbaijan University, AZ 1141, Baku, Azerbaijan 3Azerbaijan Association of “Zadeh’s Legacy”, AZ1027, Baku, Azerbaijan 4Department of Computer-Aided Control Systems, Azerbaijan(More)
Forecasting of petroleum production time series is a key task underlying scheduling of oil refinery production. In turn, forecasting requires analysing whether time series exhibits chaotic behavior. In this paper we consider chaos analysis based forecasting of time series of gasoline and diesel production. Chaos analysis is based on Lyapunov exponents and(More)
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