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Although much progress has been made in identifying the mechanisms that trigger endothelial activation and inflammatory cell recruitment during atherosclerosis, less is known about the intrinsic pathways that counteract these events. Here we identified NOTCH1 as an antagonist of endothelial cell (EC) activation. NOTCH1 was constitutively expressed by adult(More)
Multilayer perceptron (MLP), normally trained by the offline backpropagation algorithm, could not adapt to the changing air quality system and subsequently underperforms. To improve this, the extended Kalman filter is adopted into the learning algorithm to build a time-varying multilayer perceptron (TVMLP) in this study. Application of the TVMLP to model(More)
The impact of a fully developed saline current with a vertically erected circular cylinder and its subsequent runup and rundown on the cylinder were investigated experimentally with the Laser Induced Fluorescence technique. Detailed behaviors of the entire process were examined qualitatively and quantitatively. Time history of the current's highest position(More)
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