K I Hara

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The spontaneous discharges which recorded extracellularly from cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) of a cat were classified into the following 3 main groups depending upon the shapes of their interval histograms and autocorrelation functions: the gamma type whose interval histogram is fitted by a gamma distribution function and whose(More)
Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) in the hippocampus has been considered to be a phenomenon closely related to learning and memory in the brain. In this paper, an integrated model of LTP is constructed based on hypotheses about both the mechanism of LTP induction and that of LTP maintenance, that is, the NMDA-receptor channel, protein phosphorylation and protein(More)
On the basis of anatomical and physiological results of the vertebrate retina, a method is proposed for analysing the respective fields of ganglion cells in the cat retina. In the model, we assume the following: (a) Ganglion cells receive their input from bipolar and/or amacrine cells. (b) The nonlinearity of ganglion cell responses is due to the activities(More)
An algorithm for the estimation of stochastic processes in a neural system is presented. This process is defined here as the continuous stochastic process reflecting the dynamics of the neural system which has some inputs and generates output spike trains. The algorithm proposed here is to identify the system parameters and then estimate the stochastic(More)
An algorithm for parameter estimation is presented for the neural system model. Because of its firing mechanism analogous to that of the model based on the first time crossing problem, this problem is solved numerically for our model according to the results of Kostyukov et al. (1981). We propose the algorithm that estimates the parameters of the model(More)
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