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Detailed questionnaires were completed in 1978-79 by 23 of the 28 then known resident Faroese multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and 127 controls. These controls were divided into 69 Group A (patient sibs and other relatives), 37 Group B (matched neighbor controls, their spouses and sibs, plus patient's spouse), and 21 Group C (distant matched controls,(More)
In a nationwide investigation the risk of death by suicide for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) was assessed using records kept at the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry (DMSR) and the Danish National Register of Cause of Death. The investigation covers all MS patients registered with DSMR with an onset of the disease within the period 1953-85, or for(More)
The purpose of the present study was to investigate whether risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) is associated with the occurrence of viral or bacterial diseases, with vaccinations, or with operative events during childhood. Our reference population was 198,000 persons recorded in the register of school health records from the Copenhagen council. We compared 92(More)
The incidence rates of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Denmark were estimated as a result of a continuous nationwide epidemiological survey since 1948 by the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry (DMSR). Among cases notified to the DMSR, 6,478 met the diagnostic criteria and had onset of MS from 1948 through 1982. The crude annual incidence rate was 4.45/100,000(More)
Among 32 resident Faroese, clinical MS began between 1943 and 1973 and comprised 3 epidemics, each one significantly later in time and lower in incidence than the preceding. This is confirmed by the present division of the cases of the epidemics according to the calendar time when the patients attained age 11. The risk of MS for Faroese of Epidemic I,(More)
The aim of this study was to ascertain whether there is an association between risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) and birth order position. Our reference population was 198,000 persons born in the period 1930-50 and recorded in the register of school health records from the school health service of the Copenhagen council. We compared 46 persons from the(More)
Intensive search over the past five years for all cases of multiple sclerosis (MS) on the Faroe Island since about 1920 has revealed 25 cases among native-born resident Faroese up to 1977. All but 1 patient had clinical onset of MS between 1943 and 1960; 1 case began in 1970. Four cases of MS in Faroese with prolonged foreign residence and 5 among(More)