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Potential fields on the surface of the brain were estimated from discretely sampled scalp fields in human subjects. Relatively simple methods of linear algebra were combined with detailed anatomical information from magnetic resonance imaging. The method was verified using a tank model of the human head that encased a fully hydrated human skull in a polymer(More)
The performance of two methods, used to localize brain activity from evoked potential fields measured on the scalp, was assessed in a tank model of the human head. This physical model contained a human skull encased in a polymer simulating the resistivity and geometry of brain and scalp. The dipole localization method mislocalized the positions of known(More)
A new method is described to calculate epicortical potential fields from scalp fields based on linear algebra. It requires detailed anatomical information, for each subject, obtained from MR images. The calculation is validated in a physical model of the human head and applied to human subjects. The results suggest that the method yields reliable(More)
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