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An intensive aerosol and gases campaign was performed at Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta region over Eastern China from late March to early June 2009. This study provided a complementary picture of typical haze types and the formation mechanisms in megacities over China by using a synergy of ground-based monitoring, satellite and lidar observations.(More)
Many of the design companies cannot afford owning and acquiring expensive foundries and hence, go fabless and outsource their design fabrication to foundries that are potentially untrustwrothy. This globalization of Integrated Circuit (IC) design flow has introduced security vulnerabilities. If a design is fabricated in a foundry that is outside the direct(More)
We report on measurements of neutrino oscillation using data from the T2K long-baseline neutrino experiment collected between 2010 and 2013. In an analysis of muon neutrino disappearance alone, we find the following estimates and 68% confidence intervals for the two possible mass hierarchies: Normal Hierarchy: sin θ23 = 0.514 +0.055 −0.056 and ∆m 2 32 =(More)
Recent work has underscored the importance of the microbiome in human health, and has largely attributed differences in phenotype to differences in the species present among individuals. However, mobile genes can confer profoundly different phenotypes on different strains of the same species. Little is known about the function and distribution of mobile(More)
As a metastasis suppressor, KiSS1 has been implicated in numerous human cancers. However, recent studies have demonstrated that KiSS1 promotes tumor growth and metastasis in breast cancer, and it is unclear about the expression and function of KiSS1 in human osteosarcoma (OS). The aim of the present study was to investigate the role and molecular mechanisms(More)
The heat-integrated distillation column to be addressed in this paper is a special distillation column that involves internal heat integration between the whole rectifying and the whole stripping sections. An overview of the research on this process is presented in this work. It covers from the thermodynamic development and evaluations to the practical(More)
Abstract—A compact dual-band power divider for GSM/DCS applications is proposed in this letter. Novel planar artificial transmission lines are applied to miniaturize the power divider and achieve wideband response. The proposed dual-band power divider is about 37% of conventional one. The design principle, simulated and measured results are all discussed.(More)