K. Hoshino

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Termino-lateral neurorrhaphies have been used up to the beginning of this century. After this period, they have no longer been reported. We tested the efficacy of a new type of latero-terminal neurorrhaphy and evaluated the role of the epineural sheath. A group of 10 rats had the fibular nerve sectioned and the distal ending was sutured to the lateral face(More)
Terminolateral neurorrhaphies were used up to the beginning of this century. After that, they were no longer reported. We tested the efficacy of a new type of end-to-side neurorrhaphy. A group of 20 rats had the peroneal nerve sectioned, and the distal ending was sutured to the lateral face of the tibial nerve after removing a small epineural window. All(More)
We have studied a new type of end-to-side nerve repair in rats. The healthy (donor) nerve was not divided but an epineural window was created. In our experiment, a nerve graft bridged the tibial nerve to the distal end of the divided peroneal nerve. Electrophysiological studies showed electrical impulses conducted through both end-to-side nerve junctions.(More)
  • Farbod Behbahani, John C Leete, Yoji Kishigami, Andreas Roithmeier, Koichi Hoshino, Asad A Abidi
  • 2000
—This paper presents the 2.4-GHz front-end and the first downconversion section of a fully integrated low-IF receiver. The dual-conversion receiver and rejects the image repeatably by 60 dB using integrated polyphase filters without calibration or tuning. The gain of the RF mixer and IF amplifier is switchable to slide the available dynamic range of the(More)
[Purpose] The aim of this study was to determine the effect of resistance training on atrophied skeletal muscle in rats based on evidence derived from physical therapy. [Subjects and Methods] Rats were forced to undergo squats as resistance training for 3 weeks after atrophying the rectus femoris muscle by hindlimb suspension for 2 weeks. The intensity of(More)
The origin of the hyperintense signal (HIS) of the pituitary gland posterior lobe (PL) on T1-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) images was investigated. Six rabbits were imaged on a 1.5 T device before and after 2 weeks' feeding of hypertonic saline solution (phase I). Two were killed soon after the second imaging; the pituitary gland was examined(More)
Self-regulation between structure and turbulence, which is a fundamental process in the complex system, has been widely regarded as one of the central issues in modern physics. A typical example of that in magnetically confined plasmas is the Low confinement mode to High confinement mode (L-H) transition, which is intensely studied for more than thirty(More)
of the board of editors and trustees on 21 September, scientific sessions including oral and poster presentations will be held on 22 and 23 September. One symposium entitled ''Origin, adaptive radiation and speciation of sculpins in Lake Baikal'' will be held on 24 September. Contact Abundance and growth trajectory of Japanese sandfish (Arctoscopus(More)
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