K. Holdaway

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50 families with a history of colorectal cancer were divided according to whether criteria for hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) were fulfilled totally (A, n = 19) or partly (B, n = 31) and stratified by the demonstration that at least half the cancers tested per family were positive for DNA replication errors (RER+). Accepted clinical and(More)
Microparticle (MP) research is clouded by debate regarding the accuracy and validity of flow cytometry (FCM) as an analytical methodology, as it is influenced by many variables including the pre-analytical conditions, instruments physical capabilities and detection parameters. This study utilises a simplistic in vitro system for generating MP, and through(More)
This article reviews progress in the development of standards and guidelines for human–computer interaction, including those developed within international and US standards bodies. Guidance for incorporating software ergonomics standards and guidelines into software design and development processes is discussed. Several different techniques that have been(More)
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