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In Japan, the prevalence of smoking among males and females was 56.1% and 14.2%, respectively, in 1997. Male smoking prevalence was exceedingly high as compared to those in other industrialized countries. We conducted a randomized controlled intervention study on smoking cessation for all smokers in a worksite regardless of their willingness to quit(More)
Smoking prevalence among males is conspicuously high in Asian countries including Japan. There are few prospective intervention studies on the duration of smoking cessation within regions with a high prevalence of smokers, such as Asia. We investigated the extent to which subjects continued abstaining from smoking after receiving smoking cessation support(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the effectiveness of health education on smoking cessation for all smokers regardless of their willingness to quit smoking and cumulative environmental changes including designation of smoking places, legislation, and price rise. DESIGN Comparison of smoking cessation rates over two time periods: the period of health education on(More)
The flow and heat transfer in two planar impinging jets are investigated using Large-Eddy simulation and experiments. The jet Reynolds number based on nozzle width and centerline velocity is 500. Predictions are obtained of unforced jets in addition to forced cases in which periodic injection and suction is applied at the nozzle exit of each jet. The goal(More)
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