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On-line micro- and nanoparticle mass spectrometry has evolved into a prominent analytical method for the characterization of airborne particles, particle populations and aerosols over the recent years, driven by essential developments in instrumentation, data evaluation and validation. In this tutorial, the fundamental aspects of the technology and(More)
The overall goal of GINSENG is a wireless sensor network that will meet application-specific performance targets, and that will be proven in a real industry setting where performance is critical. This demonstrator shows some of the key outcomes of the GINSENG project such as energy-efficient wireless real-time closed loop control, performance debugging,(More)
The delayed ion extraction method has been used to study characteristics of the initial velocity distributions of positive and negative ions produced simultaneously by laser desorption/ionization (LDI) from non-impacted single aerosol polymeric particles, using a bipolar time-of-flight (TOF) instrument (LAMPAS 2). Due to the geometry of the setup and the(More)
References [1] Spengler B, Hubert M, Kaufmann R, MALDI Ion Imaging and Biological Ion Imaging with a new Scanning UV-Laser Microprobe, Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, Chicago, IL, May 29 June 3, 1994, pp 1041. [2] Römpp, A., S. Guenther, Y. Schober, O. Schulz, Z. Takats, W. Kummer, and B. Spengler (2010),(More)
  • K. Hinz
  • Deutsche zahnärztliche Zeitschrift
  • 1975
Radicular surfaces connected with the bone by the periodontal membrane were measured by means of a galvanic method. The investigation showed that the surface reduction as a function of the length of the root cannot be compared with the surface reduction of a cone, since at least in the coronal quarter of the root, the percent decrease in surface is linear,(More)
Influenza A virus (IAV) infections are a major cause for respiratory disease in humans, which affects all age groups and contributes substantially to global morbidity and mortality. IAV have a large natural host reservoir in avian species. However, many avian IAV strains lack adaptation to other hosts and hardly propagate in humans. While seasonal or(More)
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