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We present a 42-year-old female patient who had repeated swelling of the bilateral false cords. The patient complained of dryness of the eyes and oral mucosa, and was diagnosed as having Sjögren's syndrome. She underwent partial resections of the bilateral false cords 4 times in 3 years to evaluate the nature of the disease and to relieve airway(More)
The effectiveness of combined CDDP chemotherapy with other anticancer drugs in patients with head and neck carcinoma was investigated. The response rate for COP therapy (CDDP, Vincristine, Peplomycin) was better than those for CDDP administration only or CP (CDDP Peplomycin) therapy for carcinomas of the head and neck. Forty-seven cases treated with COP(More)
One of the most important problems in dealing with vocal cord paralysis is to clarify the cause of paralysis. In those case where the definite cause is unknown, it is possible that an occult type of malignant tumors exists along the course of the vagus or recurrent laryngeal nerves. For the past 16 years, 62 out of 560 cases with vocal cord paralysis were(More)
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