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An attempt was made to increase the frequency with which chronic schizophrenic patients suggested feasible improvements in their treatment. A response priming procedure was devised that was comparable to a previously developed reinforcer exposure procedure. The patients were required to attend a structured meeting during which they were prompted to make(More)
An efficient yet accurate model is used for investigating tunneling of minority carriers from the inversion layer of ultrathin MOSFET structures. The model is derived from the concept of the quasibound states lifetimes, which are calculated using a transfer matrix method based on Airy functions. Comparison with experimental data is provided. Performance of(More)
By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it. Of course this problem is not limited to the field of AI. Jacques Monod wrote: "A curious aspect of the theory of evolution is that everybody thinks he understands it." (Monod 1974.) My father, a physicist, complained about people making up their(More)
This paper investigates the use of plasma nitridation (PN) for fabricating 1.5 and 2 nm gate dielectrics for CMOS system-on-a-chip (SoC) applications. The separate optimisation of PN recipes for high performance (HP, 1.5 nm) and low power (LP, 2 nm) CMOS devices results in good device performance with excellent device lifetime and low 1/f noise. For(More)
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