K. Hayashi

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The apparent movement path (AMP) of a circularly moving spot pursued by the eyes (spot A) and of another stationary or circularly moving spot (spot B) were examined. Experimental variables were speed of rotation; number of rotations; position of the stationary spot (experiment) 1) and phase angle between rotation of spot A and B (experiment 2). The AMP of(More)
We theoretically study Langevin systems with a tilted periodic potential. It is known that the ratio Theta of the diffusion constant D to the differential mobility mu(d) is not equal to the temperature of the environment (multiplied by the Boltzmann constant), except in the linear response regime, where the fluctuation dissipation theorem holds. In order to(More)
The reasons for the relatively low transport mobility of graphene grown through chemical vapor deposition (CVD-G), which include point defect, surface contamination, and line defect, were analyzed in the current study. A series of control experiments demonstrated that the determinant factor for the low transport mobility of CVD-G did not arise from point(More)
OBJECTIVE An increase in the rate of gluconeogenesis is largely responsible for the hyperglycemia in individuals with type 2 diabetes, with the antidiabetes action of metformin being thought to be achieved at least in part through suppression of gluconeogenesis. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We investigated whether the transcription factor KLF15 has a role(More)
The Green-Kubo relation, the Einstein relation, and the fluctuation-response relation are representative universal relations among measurable quantities that are valid in the linear response regime. We provide pedagogical proofs of these universal relations for stochastic many-body systems. Through these simple proofs, we characterize the three relations as(More)
Glioblastoma is the most malignant and frequent of the glial tumors. A minor fraction of glioblastoma may contain areas showing oligodendroglioma-like tumor cell differentiation. Several authors have described such tumors as glioblastoma with oligodendroglial component (GBMO). GBMO may represent the ultimate level of malignancy in the oligodendroglial(More)
We observed the motion of an organelle transported by motor proteins in cells using fluorescence microscopy. Particularly, among organelles, the mitochondria in PC12 cells were studied. A mitochondrion was dragged at a constant speed for several seconds without pausing. We investigated the fluctuation dissipation theorem for this constant drag motion by(More)
We demonstrate that a Langevin equation that describes the motion of a Brownian particle under non-equilibrium conditions can be exactly transformed to a special equation that explicitly exhibits the response of the velocity to a time dependent perturbation. This transformation is constructed on the basis of an operator formulation originally used in(More)
The fluctuation theorem (FT), which is a recent achievement in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, has been suggested to be useful for measuring the driving forces of motor proteins. As an example of this application, we performed single-molecule experiments on F1-ATPase, which is a rotary motor protein, in which we measured its rotary torque by taking(More)