K. Harrison

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In this paper, we present the computational task-management tool Ganga, which allows for the specification, submission, bookkeeping and post-processing of computational tasks on a wide set of distributed resources. Ganga has been developed to solve a problem increasingly common in scientific projects, which is that researchers must regularly switch between(More)
This paper describes DIRAC, the LHCb Monte Carlo production system. DIRAC has a client/server architecture based on: Compute elements distributed among the collaborating institutes; Databases for production management, bookkeeping (the metadata catalogue) and software configuration; Monitoring and cataloguing services for updating and accessing the(More)
The Gaudi/Athena and Grid Alliance (ganga) is a front-end for the configuration, submission, monitoring, bookkeeping, output collection, and reporting of computing jobs run on a local batch system or on the grid. In particular, ganga handles jobs that use applications written for the gaudi software framework shared by the Atlas and LHCb experiments. Ganga(More)
Thin films find a variety of technological applications. Assembling thin films from atoms in the liquid phase is intrinsically a non-equilibrium phenomenon, controlled by the competition between thermodynamics and kinetics. We demonstrate here that microwave energy can assist in assembling atoms into thin films directly on a substrate at significantly lower(More)
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