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Scalability and efficient global search in unstructured peer-to-peer overlays have been extensively studied in the literature. The global search comes at the expense of local interactions between peers. Most of the unstructured peer-to-peer overlays do not provide any performance guarantee. In this work we propose a novel Quality of Service enabled lookup(More)
The efficiency of a Peer-to-Peer file sharing overlay is measured in terms of the scalability and versatility of its object lookup strategy. In these networks peers carry out distributed query relaying to discover the service providers. Existing lookup mechanisms like flooding and random walks in unstructured P2P overlays create huge communication overhead(More)
Peer to peer networks are fast becoming the most popular file sharing media, guaranteeing complete user anonymity to the clients. However, modern P2P networks suffer from Sybil attacks, which forge multiple identities to influence the global decisions in the network. This paper suggests a novel solution to minimize Sybils influence using unique combination(More)
Watermarking plays a very important role in providing authentication, ownership and transmission of secret information. The existing techniques of watermarking in literature are based on either spatial domain or transformation domain. Human brain consists of large number of neurons which are capable of doing paralleling tasking accurately. This resulted in(More)
Latency in a network is an important parameter that can be utilized by Service providers and end users alike. Delay on a network path is often measured using end-to-end probing packets. When multiple end systems measure end-to-end latency, there are overlaps in their paths. Since end systems do not have this knowledge, it results in redundant work and(More)
The paper proposes an indexing scheme known as Floating Index Caching. In Floating Index caching, queries carry a summarized index of contents of the peers that are on its way. Each node snoops on the queries passing through it. Queries are sent in the network using ether flooding or random-walk methods. When a query arrives at a node, indexes can be(More)
Sybil attack is an important problem as the peer-to-peer networks grow in size and become prominent means for distributing multimedia. In order to validate the feasibility of using psychometric tests as an approach to detect Sybils in their entirety as Sybil groups, experiment is conducted by taking the tests on a population of considerable size. Selected(More)
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