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UNLABELLED The scale of genetic-variation datasets has increased enormously and the linkage equilibrium (LD) structure of these polymorphisms, particularly in whole-genome association studies, is of great interest. The significant computational complexity of calculating single- and multiple-marker correlations at a genome-wide scale remains challenging. We(More)
MOTIVATIONS The tag SNP approach is a valuable tool in whole genome association studies, and a variety of algorithms have been proposed to identify the optimal tag SNP set. Currently, most tag SNP selection is based on two-marker (pairwise) linkage disequilibrium (LD). Recent literature has shown that multiple-marker LD also contains useful information that(More)
Document image analysis is a critical technology in the construction of modern digital libraries In document image analysis a priori knowledge of the structure of signals i e strokes is required In this paper a special class of the wavelet transform referred to as the multiresolution Hadamard representation MHR is proposed The basis of MHR provides a stroke(More)
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