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This paper presents a general, flexible, and yet efficient real coded evolutionary computational technique (ECT) for solving mechanical engineering design optimisation problems. This technique incorporates simulated annealing (SA) in the selection process of genetic algorithm (GA). It has been designed with genetic operator called the blend crossover (BLX)(More)
Respiratory sensations of eight patients with mitral stenosis in response to i.v. lobeline and 6-min walk before percutaneous mitral valvulotomy (PMV) were 'being short of breath', pressure in chest, tracheo-bronchial irritation, a desire to cough, persistent dry cough, chest pain and were qualitatively similar amongst 75% (P=0.005) of the patients. A week(More)
In 15 healthy subjects, the effect of 60 mg oral codeine and placebo was examined on intravenously injected lobeline-elicited respiratory reflexes and sensations. Its influence was also studied on ventilation and appearance of distressful respiratory sensations with modest but incremental exercise. After placebo, tachypnoea and respiratory sensations were(More)
As imple, three-step chemoenzymatic synthesiso fl-threo-3-benzyloxyaspartate(l-TBOA), as well as l-TBOA derivatives with F, CF 3 ,a nd CH 3 substituents at the aromatic ring, starting from dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate was investigated. These chiral amino acids, which are extremelyd ifficult to prepare by chemicals ynthesis, form an important class of(More)
  • F Ms, Mary Ezhil, Asst Prof, Lovelesh Sharma, Hans Raj
  • 2014
Web services consist of information, software or other resources, and make them available over the network via standard interfaces and protocols. Complex web services may be created by aggregating other individual web services. This is referred to as a composite web service. However,there are a few stubborn problems which exist in its architectures, for(More)
— In Mobile agent system where security is major issue to safe transfer the data by secure method. Mobile agents have autonomous software entity when a mobile agent works in the host environment due to security problem raises during functioning, for the high security it resume its execution in another host after suspend its execution in previous host. Due(More)
Methylaspartate ammonia-lyase (MAL; EC catalyzes the reversible addition of ammonia to mesaconate to yield l-threo-(2S,3S)-3-methylaspartate and l-erythro-(2S,3R)-3-methylaspartate as products. In the proposed minimal mechanism for MAL of Clostridium tetanomorphum, Lys-331 acts as the (S)-specific base catalyst and abstracts the 3S-proton from(More)
Juxta-pulmonary capillary (J or pulmonary C fiber) receptors are stimulated by an increase in pulmonary blood flow and give rise to respiratory acceleration and related sensations and inhibit exercise. However, the reverse, i.e., the effect of reducing pulmonary blood flow on their reflexes, is as yet not known. This was investigated by carrying out a(More)