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A continuous and discrete time Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) based technique has been used in this paper for the design of optimal analog and discrete PID controllers respectively. The PID controller gains are selected as the optimal state-feedback gains corresponding to the standard quadratic cost function. Genetic Algorithm (GA) has been used next to(More)
This paper proposes design of optimal controller for inverted pendulum system. The main aim is to control angle of the pendulum and position of the cart simultaneously. Jacobian linearization technique has been used to linearize the system. Linear Quadratic Regulator technique is used here to solve the control problem. The solution of the Riccati is(More)
The paper represents the Kalman Filter based optimal control approach to control the angle of attack of a missile attitude. The Kalman filter is used here to estimate the state of the system. A state feedback Linear Quadratic Gaussian controller which takes the filtered estimated states has been implemented into the system to control the angle of attack of(More)
This paper presents an analytical approach of guaranteed dominant pole placement tuning for PID controllers to handle second order systems. Analytical expression of PID controller gains are reported in terms of the system's open loop characteristics and desired closed loop damping ratio, natural frequency and relative dominance of pole placement. Inverse(More)
A weighted summation of Integral of Time Multiplied Absolute Error (ITAE) and Integral of Squared Controller Output (ISCO) minimization based time domain optimal tuning of fractional-order (FO) PID or PI<sup>&#x03BB;</sup>D<sup>&#x03BC;</sup> controller is proposed in this paper with a Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) based technique that minimizes the(More)
STARSIM, an acronym for Space Transportation Activities and Resources SIMulation, is an object-oriented, menu-driven, user-friendly, decision support system for simulating and managing space-shuttle ground processing activities. The purpose of STARSIM is to permit trade-off studies to be perJormed for any set of input parameters (e.g., determining the(More)
This paper proposes the design of continuous and discrete optimal controller based on Continuous and Discrete time Linear Quadratic Regulator (CLQR and DLQR). The controllers have been implemented in Pneumatically Actuated Inverted Pendulum system which is basically non-linear in nature. The main aim is to design the optimal controllers with the given(More)