K. -H. Wenzel

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In the long term, fully exploiting the potential synergies between ontology engineering and software engineering approaches to modeling is contingent on a complete understanding of their similarities and differences and the development of a unified modeling framework that can support both paradigms in a seamless way. In this paper we contribute to the(More)
Linked data can be used to connect information stemming from usually disparate sources. The Semantic Web combines various kinds of logical reasoning for the inference of additional knowledge from existing data and for consistency checking of data sets. Although mathematics is crucial for most areas where Semantic Web technologies can be applied, support for(More)
Beschrieben werden das Siedlungsgebiet der Chocó-Indianer in Kolumbien, die Bewohner des Gebietes, Sammeln, Jagen und Fischen und Besitzverhältnisse und Arbeitsorganisation. Die Gewinnung des Giftes aus dem PfeilgiftfroschPhyllobates aurotaenia wird dargestellt, weiterhin das Präparieren der Pfeile, die Pfeilherstellung und das Tragen derselben im Köcher.(More)
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