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Cochlear implants (CIs) are used to provide sensations of sound to profoundly deaf patients. The performance of the CI is assessed mainly by the subjective reports of patients. The aim of this study was to look for objective cortical responses to the stimulation of the CI. Two postlingually and two prelingually deaf patients were investigated by positron(More)
The organ of Corti and isolated hair cells from newborn guinea pig were cultured with the Rose chamber method. The hair cells could be maintained for more than 20 days after explantation when the organ of Corti was cultured as a whole, though the isolated hair cells swelled and degenerated within about 13 hours after explantation. By comparison between the(More)
The source of EP and the production of the endolymph are often considered to be at the stria vascularis. However, the significance of Reissner's membrane in maintaining the ionic composition of the endolymph cannot be ruled out. We perfused the entire perilymphatic space of guinea pigs with paraffin oil to determine the effects on the endolymph and(More)
1. The endolymphatic system is morphologically a close system. The inner surface of the wall is tightly lined with an epithelium of ectodermal origin. The perilymphatic spaces are enlarged intercellular spaces which are built from the embryonic mesenchyme. 2. The perilymph ist an ultrafiltrate of plasma. There is probably a flow from the cerebrospinal fluid(More)
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