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Research on the distribution of oxylipins (3-hydroxy fatty acids) in flocculant strains of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae led to the uncovering of a novel ‘ghosting’ phenomenon observed during assumed lectin-mediated aggregation. We found that intracellular oxylipin-containing osmiophilic layers migrate through yeast cell walls in a ‘ghostlike’ fashion(More)
The kinetics of extracellular neutral proteinase synthesis by an isogenic stringent (IS58) and a relaxed (IS56) strain ofB. subtilis were compared. The specific enzyme formation rate by the stringent strain was higher than that of the relaxed one. Norvaline addition (1 mg/mL) induced the formation of pppGpp and ppGpp, respectively, as well as the appearance(More)
The formation of the exoenzymes, neutral and alkaline proteinase as well as α-amylase ofBacillus subtilis, is characterized by the same time course. The exoenzyme formation starts in the exponential phase of growth by an excess of C and N sources. We assume that carbon metabolism of pyruvate is responsible for the exoenzyme formation during this growth(More)
A pronounced anterior displacement in the VCG which was not evoked by a posterior infarction or a right-ventricular hypertrophy has its cause in a circumscribed disturbance of the conduction of the septal or medial fascicle of the left Tawara-branch of the conduction system of the heart. On the basis of personal observations of this new defined disturbance(More)
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