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In this paper, a relatively new form of biometrics – Ear Biometrics – is introduced and compared with popular forms of biometrics such as face and fingerprint. A review of the leading works including those which appear in the research world very lately is given. In the end, a proposal for possible future research directions is discussed.
With the advent of peer-to-peer communication technologies, individuals can easily connect to one another over Internet for file sharing and online chatting. Although these technologies provide wonderful platforms for users to share their digital materials, its illegitimate use on unauthorized sharing of copyrighted files is increasingly rampant. With the(More)
The optimal choices of granularity (size of a physical lock) and the degree of multiprogramming (maximum number of transactions allowed to run concurrently) for a single-site database system (SDBS) using a locking mechanism for concurrency control have been investigated by many researchers, but the case for a distributed database system (DDBS) has not been(More)
This paper presents an experimental study of the implementation of speaker verification on a mobile embedded system. Specifically, our speaker verification system is built using the mel-warped cepstral feature extraction and GMM-based pattern matching methods. We outline in a step-by-step method the procedure for porting such a system from a desktop PC to a(More)
Many database systems guarantee the consistency of the database for concurrent transaction processing by a standard locking protocol called two phase locking. The performance of such systems is dependent on various factors, among which are the choices of locking granularity (the amount of data controlled by a single lock) and degree of multiprogramming (the(More)
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