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Mastodynia has previously been treated with gestagens or gestagenbased ovulation inhibitors with only marginal success. No other satisfactory therapy was available and in the search for a better treatment, the effectiveness of long term administration of the prolactin inhibitor bromocryptine (CB 154) to 15 patients was evaluated. Five of the subjects(More)
Five volunteers with normal ovarian cycles received oral doses of 2×2.5 mg or 3×2.5 mg bromocriptin (CB 154)/day respectively. The treatment started at the onset of menstruation and lasted one complete cycle. In addition to the decrease of prolactin secretion, a reduction of plasma progesterone concentrations during the corpus luteum phase was demonstrated.(More)
2 Bromo-alpha-ergocryptine, a specific prolactin inhibitor, was administered to 9 patients suffering from galactorrhea-amenorrhea syndrome of varying aetiology. Plasma levels of FSH, LH, prolactin, total estrogens and progesterone were measured by radioimmunoassay before and after treatment initiation. Prior to treatment, plasma prolactin levels were in all(More)
Erh6hung der Inkubationstemperatur auf 37 ~ C auf 2 Tage verkfirzt werden. Die damit erreichte Pr/izision war besser als in der Originalfassung (VK 2,5% gegenfiber 3,5%), was vermutlich auf die h6here Bindungskapazit/it von 35% gegenfiber 30% in der vom Hersteller angegebenen Arbeitsvorschrift zurfickzuffihren ist. Die Einstufung des Prolactinspiegels im(More)
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