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BACKGROUND A thoracoscopic approach to coronary bypass grafting warrants renewed search for facilitated vascular anastomosis methods. We reassessed tissue adhesion, sealing properties, and histotoxicity of iso-butyl-cyanoacrylate, in a simplified anastomosis model. METHODS In 12 Dutch landrace pigs, five arteriotomies were made in each carotid artery. The(More)
Diabetes is a global public health problem. Maintaining optimal glycemic control is critical for minimizing associated long-term complications and achieving better quality of life. Effective diabetes self-management education is one key component to enhance diabetes clients' self-management capabilities. The research team established a "Caring for(More)
A two-phase driving approach for light-emitting-diode (LED) applications is proposed in this paper. In the approach, two rectangular AC sources are employed so that the output current ripple can be significantly reduced. It leads to the elimination of electrolytic capacitor from the driver circuit. The approach is realised by a dual asymmetrical half-bridge(More)
This paper proposes a fully decentralized control scheme for hybrid AC/DC microgrids. It proportionally shares the loads in a hybrid AC/DC microgrid among its sub-grids. By controlling the interlinking converters as voltage source inverters, the scheme enables the hybrid microgrid to operate with or without AC sources. It is possible to shut down all the(More)
A modified LCL resonant tank incorporating switch-controlled inductor (SCI) is introduced to realize a tunable resonant tank that ensures ZVS in primary side and ZCS in secondary side switches of an isolated bidirectional dual-active-bridge dc-dc converter (DAB-IBDC) under a wide range of output voltage and charging current of super-capacitor. The nominal(More)
Power-factor pre-regulators generally suffer from poor dynamic response due to the need to limit the propagation of output voltage ripple at double line frequency into the voltage control loop and to achieve a satisfactory power factor performance. Ripple cancellation methods have been proposed to eliminate the double-line-frequency signal from the sampled(More)