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This paper presents a fault-tolerant gateway embedded system that uses two micro-controllers. One microcontroller performs the main function of achieving a gateway, often called by the main micro-controller. In contrast, another plays the role of checker for the main micro-controller, and is called the sub micro-controller. To achieve fault-tolerance, the(More)
Human-robot interaction technology, used to command a robot or to acquire information from a robot, is defined as the communication method between humans and the robot. Human-robot interaction consists of the input facility, environment display, intuitive command and reaction, and the architecture of the interface program. This research focuses on the(More)
Nowadays, electronic control units (ECUs) have more and more importance on the value of modern automobiles. This trend is causing the complexity of the overall systems to increase and make the development cycles longer. In order to address these problems, strategies to reuse software and a growing emphasis to develop hardware/software co-simulation schemes(More)
In a distributed system, the synchronization of tasks executed in different nodes is necessary. Therefore, we propose a method of synchronization of tasks in a distributed system using FlexRay. FlexRay is expected to become a dominant protocol in automotive systems. It supports a clock synchronization mechanism. We present two methods for synchronization of(More)
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