K. H. Krishna Murthy

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BACKGROUND Extracellular matrix proteins, such as laminins, and endothelial cells are known to influence cardiomyocyte performance; however, the underlying molecular mechanisms remain poorly understood. METHODS AND RESULTS We used a forward genetic screen in zebrafish to identify novel genes required for myocardial function and were able to identify the(More)
Regulator of G protein signaling (RGS) proteins stimulate the GTPase activity of Galpha subunits of heterotrimeric G proteins, thereby negatively regulating G protein-coupled receptor signaling. RGS2, which preferentially alters Galphaq-mediated signaling, may be important for cardiovascular health, because knockout of RGS2 in mice is associated with(More)
The identification of common genetic variants such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the human genome has become central in human population genetics and evolution studies, as well as in the study of the genetic basis of complex traits and diseases. Crucial for the accurate identification of genetic variants is the availability of high quality(More)
OPRM1, which codes for the mu-opioid receptor, is the most frequently studied candidate gene for opioid dependence. Despite numerous allelic association studies, no definitive conclusion has been reached regarding the role of OPRM1 polymorphisms in determining risk for opioid dependence. We attempted to resolve this by conducting a family-based association(More)
BACKGROUND Psychological autopsy is the reconstruction of events leading to death. There are few studies on psychological autopsy. AIM To understand the profile of suicide completers and find out ways of dealing with it. METHODS Fifty suicide cases were analysed. Using a semi-structured, self-designed questionnaire, the family, friends and relatives of(More)
Plasma creatine phosphokinase (GPK) was estimated from unmedicated schizophrenics to evaluate its significance in the diagnosis. The mean value of CPK in schizophrenics is 78.41±5.78 IU/L (n=49) as against control value of 27.45±2.27 IU/L (n = 36). The statistical analysis showed significance (p<0.05). The study finds its importance in view of the earlier(More)
Prevalence of Alzheimer's disease in Indian population is lower than in developed countries. To determine whether limitation of amyloid beta (Abeta) concentration may be responsible for lower rate of incidence, we measured the levels of Abeta in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collected from 72 non-demented individuals ranging in the age from 20 years to 65(More)
Depression is known to occur in patients with heart disease and the intensive cardiac care unit (ICCU) environment adds to their worsening symptoms. The objective of the study was to determine depression in patients admitted to ICCU. A total of 30 patients admitted to ICCU with heart disease were taken for the study and were compared to patients with heart(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Renal failure patients show significant impairment on measures of attention and memory, and consistently perform significantly better on neuropsychological measures of memory and attention, approximately 24 hours after hemodialysis treatment. The objectives are to determine the cognitive dysfunction in patients with renal failure(More)