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Ultrasound was used to diagnose periportal fibrosis (PPF) in a rural Zimbabwean community where Schistosoma mansoni is endemic. Ultrasound findings were compared with stool microscopy and abdominal palpation in 492 adults (305 females). 47 (9.6%) had definite PPF. The prevalence of PPF increased with age (P < 0.001), while S. mansoni egg counts decreased(More)
Ficam (bendiocarb) was tested for its residual efficacy and irritation in malaria vector control by using a laboratory bred colony of Anopheles arabiensis. In the study area, the insecticide remained active for up to 8 wk (96% mortality) on thatch. In similar, especially constructed huts, 74% mortality was achieved up to 20 wk on mud compared with up to(More)
A laboratory colony of the mosquito Anopheles quadriannulatus was established from a wild population occurring sympatrically with An.arabiensis in Zimbabwe. These sibling species are members of the An.gambiae Giles complex and were distinguished primarily by means of their specific polytene chromosome banding patterns. By using an ox-baited trap, we sampled(More)
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