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The development of a parallel three-dimensional (3-D) adaptive mesh refinement (PAMR) scheme for an unstructured tetrahedral mesh using dynamic domain decomposition on a memory-distributed machine is presented in detail. A memory-saving cell-based data structure is designed such that the resulting mesh information can be readily utilized in both node-or(More)
A parallelized three-dimensional self-consistent electrostatic particle-in-cell (PIC) code using unstructured tetrahedral mesh is proposed. Parallel implementation of the current unstructured PIC-FEM code is realized on distributed-memory PC-cluster system utilizing dynamic domain decomposition. Completed code is verified by simulating a quasi-1D RF argon(More)
A parallel electrostatic Poisson's equation solver coupled with parallel adaptive mesh refinement (PAMR) is developed in this paper. The three-dimensional Poisson's equation is discretized using the Galerkin finite element method using a tetrahedral mesh. The resulting matrix equation is then solved through the parallel conjugate gradient method using the(More)
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