K-H. Gustavson

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To improve risk estimates for herbicides in streams, the sensitivity of natural periphyton communities to four herbicides (metribuzin, hexazinone, isoproturon, and pendimethalin) was examined in experiments including varying exposure duration and a recovery phase. Effect parameters included assimilation of 14C and concentration of diagnostic pigments as(More)
The fate of esfenvalerate was investigated by sampling and chemical analysis after spraying of an artificial pond (25 g a.i./ha) and in the laboratory with [14C]esfenvalerate by trapping of 14CO2 and fractionation of the sediment. The effects were investigated on pelagic communities in enclosures in a natural lake and in the laboratory on surface (Cymatia(More)
Two sibs with identical features of short-limbed dwarfism, a normal skull and face and normal intelligence are described. On the basis of the radiological and clinical characteristics the condition must be included within the group of spondylometaphyseal dysplasias. In contrast to the familial cases described up to now in which the mode of inheritance was(More)
A new cloned DNA probe (U6.2), which recognizes polymorphisms near the locus for the fragile-X syndrome, was isolated. No recombinations were observed between the probe and the disease locus, although recombinations were observed with several other probes known to be located close to the fragile site. The locus defined by the probe, DXS304, cosegregated(More)
A case of Majewski Syndrome is described with roentgen and pathoanatomic examination including proximal and distal epiphyses. Dysplastic involvement of all the embryonic tissue layers is demonstrated. The microscopic involvement of the bone appears to be similar to that described in the Ellis-Van Creveld syndrome, but is generally more pronounced. An(More)
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