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Machine vision is an application of computer vision to automate conventional work in industry, manufacturing or any other field. Nowadays, people in agriculture industry have embarked into research on implementation of engineering technology in their farming activities. One of the precision farming activities that involve machine vision system is automatic(More)
Embedded systems have an everyday presence and direct impact in every day's lives. Therefore, learning institutions are continuously improving their courses in microcontroller and embedded system programming. Although the diversity of curriculums, the availability of learning tools, where the student can practice and improve their skills, is a key factor to(More)
A weed can be thought of as any plant growing in the wrong place at the wrong time and doing more harm than good. Weeds compete with the crop for water, light, nutrients and space, and therefore reduce crop yields and also affect the efficient use of machinery. The most widely used method for weed control is to use agricultural chemicals (herbicides and(More)
The paper presents switching techniques for pulse-width-modulated-based z-source inverter; simple boost PWM, maximum boost PWM, maximum constant boost PWM, modified-reference PWM, modified space vector PWM, hysteresis current control, and sine carrier PWM. Concepts and ideas behind the techniques are briefly explained. An overall view is summed up of the(More)
The advancement of microcontroller technology demands the need of everyone have grasp of this technology. In fact this technology is a compulsory course in any electrical or electronic field of engineering. This paper aims to describe development of a flexible microcontroller training system based on 8-bit microcontroller in Microchip, Motorola and Intel(More)
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