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An extensive battery of cognitive tests is conducted to detect dementia in geriatric patients. Based on the ICD-10 diagnostic criteria for dementia the diagnosis includes cognitive deficits such as memory impairment and other cognitive disturbances in various stages. To establish a profile of cognitive deficits and to detect early stages of dementia a(More)
Ziel dieser Arbeit war die Einführung eines neuen Tests zur Beurteilung der exokrinen Pankreasfunktion, die Bestimmung der fäkalen Pankreas-Elastase 1 (Elastase) in der Pädiatrie. Elastasebestimmungen im Stuhl wurden mit Hilfe eines ELISA-Tests vorgenommen. Es wurden je 2 Stuhlproben von 376 stationären Kindern im Alter von 1 Tag bis 14 Jahren mit(More)
HISTORY A 72-year-old male in acute renal failure, intubated and ventilated, was transferred to our hospital. He had a 30-years history of severe hypertension and signs of general atherosclerosis. 25 years ago, the left kidney had been removed because of an ischaemic renal infarction due to a renal artery stenosis. Blood pressure-monitoring showed excessive(More)
The objective of our study was to assess the correlation of routine neuropsychological test results in elderly patients referred to a gerontopsychiatric ward. MMSEs, Clocktests (CT) and SKTs were performed in 94 patients (Age: Median = 74 ys, Range = 54-89 ys; 64 f, 30 m; MMSE < 25:45 and MMSE > 25:37) with mild to moderate dementia and evaluated(More)
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