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BACKGROUND Fracture healing in osteoporosis is delayed. Quality and speed of fracture healing in osteoporotic fractures are crucial with regard to the outcome of patients. The question arises whether established antiosteoporotic drugs can further improve fracture healing. MATERIALS AND METHODS Osteoporosis manifests predominantly in the metaphyseal bone.(More)
Many studies of knee motion have been reported in the literature over more than 100 years. Of particular interest to the analysis presented here is the work of the Freeman group, who elegantly measured tibio-femoral kinematics in studies made on cadavers and the knees of living individuals using MRI, anatomical dissection and RSA. We examined and(More)
The natural tibiofemoral joint (TFJ) functions according to a roll-glide mechanism. In the stance phase (0-20 degrees flexion), the femur rolls backwards over the tibia plateau, while further flexion causes increased gliding. This kinematics is based on the principle of a quadruple joint. The four morphological axes of rotation are the midpoints of the(More)
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