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OBJECTIVES Blood donation is described as an archetypal altruistic behavior, and recruitment/retention campaigns emphasize altruism. Here, a benevolence hypothesis for blood donation (both the donor and recipient benefit) rather than the altruism hypothesis (only the recipient gains) is proposed. DESIGN Three United Kingdom-based studies contrasted(More)
The Corsi Block-Tapping (CB) task has been used as a measure of spatial memory since its development in 1971. However, a standard set of items has been developed for this task, and inconsistencies in performances within levels have been demonstrated in association with different path configuration. This study investigated item consistency by analyzing the(More)
The design and implementation of an assessment centre in the South Yorkshire and South Humberside deanery for selecting doctors into postgraduate training in paediatric medicine is described. Eleven competency domains were identified in the job analysis. An assessment centre comprising of four exercises was implemented to assess candidates. There were(More)
BACKGROUND The role of the general practitioner (GP) has changed significantly over the past decade. This problem is compounded by growing concern over postgraduate attrition rates from medicine, with current estimates as high as 19%. AIM To define a comprehensive model of the competencies required for the job role of GP. METHOD Three independent(More)
PURPOSE Preclinical data suggested that bryostatin-1 (bryo) could potentiate the cytotoxicity of cisplatin when given prior to this drug. We designed a phase I study to achieve tolerable doses and schedules of bryo and cisplatin in combination and in this sequence. METHODS Patients with non-hematologic malignancies received bryo followed by cisplatin in(More)
OBJECTIVE This phase II study evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of dacarbazine in combination with thalidomide in metastatic melanoma patients. METHODS Chemotherapy-naïve patients with histologically confirmed, measurable metastatic melanoma with no evidence of brain metastases and adequate hematologic and organ function received dacarbazine (1,000(More)